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Terroso is build around that idea that homes and consequently the lifestyle of it's occupants should be sustainable, beautiful and healthy.

We bring together home & living products with great design, environmental responsibility and  long life spans together under one roof. 



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What We Do

At Terroso we specialize in bringing you home improvement products which are beautifully designed, produced using sustainable raw-materials and production techniques (such as our handmade furniture) with a long product life-cycle and at the end of the product's life can be completely recycled.

Our current product assortment consists of handcrafted design furniture manufactured by artisans in Rajasthan, India. The furniture is made from reclaimed hardwoods and metals which were salvaged from sites such as old buildings set for demolition, old furniture requiring major repairs, discarded wood from the wood industry and government controlled plantations.

Apart from being sustainable, the furniture was designed keeping the latest trends in mind. Our current assortment features articles in various design trends such as Industrial, Mid-century and Kolonial styles to keep your homes looking beautiful. Another benefit offered by the furniture is the robustness of the articles, because they were produced using hardwoods they have a very long life cycle. This allows our customers to use the articles for over 15 years. Ofcourse, we know that design trends quickly change and you would like to update your homes with the latest design as they are released, therefore you can easily sell our articles on any of the marketplaces which are popular in your area for a discount and make the next owner of these lovely pieces very happy. In the process you would have done your part in lowering the amount of waste produced in the EU to keep the environment clean and healthy while given someone else a chance to make their home more comfortable. If you're not big on selling things second hand, you could easily dispose off the products at your local recycling centers and they will take care of the rest. 

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