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Terroso is build around that idea that homes and consequently the lifestyle of it's occupants should be sustainable, beautiful and healthy.

We bring together home & living products with great design, environmental responsibility and  long life spans together under one roof. 

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Our vision

The Future of Homes, Everywhere!

For our most pressing environmental and health challenges, all paths lead to the home. The home consumes the highest amount of our natural resources such as water and energy, produces the greatest amount of landfills and is where we are exposed to the greatest number of toxins in our lives. Terroso finds new ways to dramatically change the quality of our lives. We can build better shelters for ourselves, our communities and our planet.

What is Terroso?

In a nutshell, Terroso is the future of homes everywhere!

You might think, what this means? What is the future of homes?

Well allow me to explain -

Terroso, is built on the foundation of 3 centers of excellence. These are Sustainability, Technology and Integrity. We believe that the homes of the future and consecutively the lifestyles of the people in the future are going to be highly influenced by products which are made from sustainable materials, using sustainable processes and be entirely carbon neutral throughout the product life-cycle. Technology will naturally play a very important role in this as even in the present times we can already see how technology is being utilized in the way products are produced by makers such as ourselves, in the discoverability of the products through online platforms such as the Terroso website which provides customers a delightful shopping experience and finally in the way the products are disposed at the end of the product life-cycle. All of this is kept together with the bond of Integerity. Companies will have to be more transparent about their production processes, their business model and the impact they are having on the local community and we embody this spirit from the within by making transparency and authenticity a main pillar upon which to build our company. This is the authentic approach towards how we conduct our business and we think that others will follow suit as we move into the future.

Anyway enough about the company philosophy. Your next question might be, what our we trying to offer? And why would you want to buy it?

This is quite simple, we provide beautifully designed, sustainable home improvement products which allow people to create comfortable and healthy homes. With a high focus on product quality, customer experience and eco-friendly practices we want you to be able to enjoy your life just as you want with an additional bonus of having the peace of mind of doing the right thing. We strive to excel at all 3 of these features because quite simply, our competition is not doing it correctly and we think that we can delight our customers with our products better than anyone else.

The homes of the future will be sustainable and Terroso wants to be the company that ushers in the era of mass market sustainable products. This is why we will be the future of homes, everywhere!


About me: My name is Kavin. I've lived in Berlin in the beautiful district of Prenzlauer Berg for the past 3 years, with the one person that has been the strength of my life, my love and my inspiration, Amrita. I'm originally from India, but I've lived everywhere - From Seoul to New York to Honolulu and I speak 2 languages fluently. My German is still very scrappy but I can order my food correctly without giving the waiters a hard time at any restaurants. PLUS who speaks German in P.Berg these days anyway? I love travelling, Sports, Art, Music, Reading and Entrepreneurship and thanks to Amrita, I now also have a penchant for gourmet food! Speaking of food, I've been a life long vegetarian and animal welfare is an issue very close to my heart. 
I'm happy to tell you more about myself and my company since I don't want to make this post too long. So feel free to send me a message and I'd be happy to chat with you...Even if you just need someone to talk to :)

Become a part of our vision, try one of our products today and see your home transform itself into more than just shelter. I promise you wont be disappointed otherwise I'll gladly refund your money back. Guaranteed!



Earth-Friendly Practices

From procuring sustainable raw materials to sustainable production techniques, the logistics of delivering these products to our customers, the life-cycle of products and their disposal all have one thing in common, which is to reduce our environmental impact as a society.

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Stellar Culture

We are a Berlin start-up, but our team works from two continents. The sourcing and production team works in Asia and our sales team in Europe. Of course, we embrace the youthful creative spirit of Berlin and learn from people of different cultures that we meet on our journey.

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Giving Back

We want to help our community through various charitable efforts. Whether it's donation clothing in the winter or help at a local street kitchen we try whatever we can do to help other people. 

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